Inspiring, I hope. 

This blog is to help you finding the great stuff made by humans. My name is Yénika Castillo, I’m a designer and creative and I really enjoy culture travel, arts, museums, design, crafts and delicious restaurants. This blog is to share those experiences that can inspire us everyday and long after a good trip is made. So go ahead, explore freely!

Trying to be practical with categories and tags. 

Under categories, you’ll find what sort of venue is the post about.

Under tags you’ll be able to navigate by location: city, country, continent. You’ll also be able to choose from the most general topic of the venue. Let’s try this and see if it’s practical, for example for those wanting to plan a trip!

I’ve taken all the pictures in the blog, unless otherwise indicated. The art belongs to the artists, but it’s there to be shared. If you share any picture from this blog, please always mention the artist and the post. Thanks!

Some posts might get translations to Spanish or Swedish, so stay tuned!