Aros Museum, or the joy of contemporary art

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and a vibrant place to visit for arts and trends. Aros is just a small taste of that.

Aros Aarhus Art Museum.
Aros Aarhus Art Museum.

There’s no way to dispute that Danish museums are just amazing. They combine world-class exhibitions with beautiful museography and astonishing architecture. In all, it’s always a good experience to visit a Danish museum.¬† Aros is the art museum in Aarhus (Aros is the old name of Aarhus) and it’s full of surprises.

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The Skagen Art Museum, a hidden jewel

On the farther north point of Denmark, in the peninsula of Jutland, you’ll find a cozy town that has remaind sort of untouched by time.¬†

One of the beautiful halls at the museum.
One of the beautiful halls at the museum.

Skagen is the place that has given name to the famous skagenröra, a sauce made with cream, shrimps, caviar and herbs, that you use on your smörrebröd (open sandwich) or on fish. But this is also the place where many nordic intelectuals and artists came to settle in the end of the 19th century, and got inspired with the light, the sea and the pintoresque architecture of this fishing village.

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Exhibition: Musiklivet Göteborg

Can you believe that Sweden, being such a small country of 9.6 million people, is the third biggest exporting music industry in the world?

It’s right behind the U.S. and the U.K. and even when Sweden’s history as a music titan is not quite long, it’s actually amazing how now¬†everyone seems to have Swedish musicians, producers or¬†songwriters. It’s just to go through this year’s edition of Eurovision Music Festival to see that all the artists, no matter which country they were representing, had one swede in their crew.

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