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Remedios Varo at MAM Mexico 

One of my first and forever favorite artists is, undoubtedly, Remedios Varo.¬†Since a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by her world of dreams and magic, and definitely inspired me to draw and paint myself.¬†Now, the most¬†complete collection of her works is beautifully curated and exhibited at Museo de Arte Moderno, in Mexico City.

Autorretrato, Remedios Varo, 1951.

Remedios Varo was a Spanish painter that came to Mexico exiled from the civil war. Although she was trained in arts in Spain and was also very much in contact with the surrealistic circle of artists in Paris, it was in Mexico where she developed her own unique style and flourished as a renowned artist.

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Julio Le Parc, handmade optic art

The Argentinian artist has a major exhibition at Perez Art Museum, in Miami, a place worth of showing this amazing work!

Julio Le Parc, born in Mendoza in 1928, is still active defying our senses -particularly the sight- with his gammaldags* optic art. Here you’ll see monumental canvas, screens and installations with hundreds of reflecting objects that entertain your brain while amazing your concept of optic art.

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